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Setting up The Good Stuff has been quite a journey and a labour of love, and I have had to overcome challenges and jump over countless hurdles along the way in order to get the business up and running.

The journey started a long time ago when I became ill due to some very poor lifestyle choices. I wasn’t looking after my body or mental health and was struggling with substance abuse. I was also working in a job that wasn’t fulfilling, or inspiring and I wasn’t achieving anything that I was proud of.

Eventually, the drinking and the nights without sleep took their toll, and saw me ending up in hospital, diagnosed with kidney failure; at this point, I knew I had to turn my life around.

I was discharged from hospital after a month, and I had decided to gain a qualification in personal training; not only would this make sure that I stayed on the right track when it came to eating well and learning the discipline of looking after myself, but it meant that I could also train others to take the same approach.

Being in this environment encouraged me to train regularly, building up my strength and remain focused on improving my mental and physical health.

Years before, I had met a man called Rob Reinaldo; we had come to know each other well, from the countless times that he had thrown me out of local clubs and bars, but Rob is also a bodybuilding heavyweight champion, personal trainer and experienced nut. He has been instrumental in my recovery, providing me with a diet plan to underpin my training plan – until that point – I had no idea of the impact that a great diet could have.

Most of what I have achieved has been down to a nutrient-rich diet. This, coupled with determination and training hard has led me to compete in four successful bodybuilding competitions and winning 2nd place and most recently 1st place, in the UPBF world championships in Norway.

The importance of eating a diet that is nutritious and varied, is key to all aspects of our life; our energy, mental health, physical health and outlook on life to name just a few. But I know first-hand how difficult it can be to eat a diet like this with a busy and demanding lifestyle and so much unhealthy temptation on offer.

This is why I wanted to open The Good Stuff; a take-away concept that only offers fresh, wholesome and nutritious food, to enable others to embrace the power that a great diet can have.

Getting this far has been challenging, this location was the last in a long line of attempts that failed to get off the ground! The process of trying to open The Good Stuff over the past two years has seen me come close to losing a lot and almost giving up, but with the support of my friends, and previous colleagues, I managed to keep going with the business and further my bodybuilding career.

I can’t wait to share my success with other local people, introducing them to fast and fresh food and encouraging them to see where it takes them.

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Just from the service I received today I’ll be returning. Both members of staff I met were very polite. Food is lovely, I had the turkey kofta kebab. So much flavour, salad was lovely and fresh and the turkey mince seasoned perfectly.

Aleshia Wilcock

Amazing food! Loads of healthy options that you can mix and match to get exactly what you want/need. The staff were super friendly and helpful too. Will definitely be going back!

Sarah Massey-Pennock

I went in today to check out this new healthy food joint and all I can say is wow. The decor clean! Really good atmosphere! And most importantly the food was really nice! I highly recommend the cheesy hot pepper chicken wrap with their peanut butter sauce! Banging combo!

Naveed Mahmud

Amazing healthy food. Can’t stop eating from here now! Clean shop, very friendly staff and great service with good prices. If you haven’t tried this place then you’re missing out big time!

Rick Dowman